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A big welcome to our existing and new members. This is our exciting new website and forum. We hope that you find it better than the old site and easier to use as well.

Whilst this site is geared primarily towards owners of the Mitsubishi Delica (Spacegear and Starwagon), we welcome members both young and old who want to be part of a family friendly community. We have a couple of meetings already arranged and more in the pipeline so check back often to see what we are organising.

Help us to make this the best Delica club around.

Tell your friends, workmates, strangers about this site. They already envy your Delica, so help them become part of Club Delica. Your support is invaluable to the club, without you there is no club. Letís make it more than just a website, letís make it a real club where you make real friends and get together on club events.

Whatís in a name

MMC have published a table that shows how vehicle names have been derived.

So you can now DELIcately CArry your family and luggage around.


As you will have noticed, What MPV and 4x4 magazine decided that the Delica was their best buy of the year. Well as owners we already know that but itís got to be good news for us all as more people become aware of the Delicaí excellent value for money and practicality. Camping, Diving, Towing, Skiing, Surfing and even as a replacement for 6 cars outside the school gates in the morning!


Club stickers are now available from the shop. We will have more items of club regalia appearing shortly.

The club has received sponsorship that has enabled us to create this site and forum. This is great news for us all as it enables us to grow and provide the information, resources and meeting place for Delica owners and their friends


We welcome suppliers to our site however if you are a supplier then please contact the Site Admin before you offer services, parts or vehicles for sale this includes responding to wanted posts.

We do not provide free advertising and our terms and conditions for registering as a supplier will be emailed to you.



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